Casino – A Touching Depiction of Human Tragedy


Casinos are places where people come to play games of chance and try their luck. They have a special atmosphere that makes them exciting to visit, with flashy decor, upbeat music and the sound of coins clinking in the slot machines. Even though most players lose their money, casinos are very profitable businesses as they appeal to a human need for excitement and the feeling of winning.

While there are no good guys in Casino, the film does present a touching depiction of human tragedy. In a story mired in treachery, violence and greed, the key characters suffer the consequences of their actions. Yet, despite everything that happens to them (and they lose all they have rightfully earned), they are still motivated to continue playing the game because it’s all that matters to them.

The movie was a risky project for Universal and its investors. But it turned out to be a massive hit, with De Niro and Pesci delivering stunning performances as the mob bosses. The two made a solid team and their dynamic with each other, as well as with Sam Rothstein’s more refined character of the casino manager, was what really elevated the film.

Casinos are fun and energizing places to be, but they can also be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. They have elaborate security systems that include cameras in the ceiling, and they are monitored by workers in a room filled with banks of monitors. They are even able to adjust the cameras to focus on suspicious patrons if necessary.